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Student Community Feedback

“I have completed my Elixir English speaking Live online class. Before joining the class, I was facing tenses problem and was unable to form proper sentences. During the class, I learnt each and everything with support of my trainer. After 15 days, I was speaking in English with classmates. Everyday my confidence level was increasing. Now I am talking with friends and corporate office teammate in English language.”

Elixir - Testimonial Manik
Manik D. Deshmukh Head sales at TATA Rallis India Ltd, Pune.

“I was facing difficulties related to some grammar part. I also had less confidence to communicate in English. I joined Elixir live online class, our trainer gave us topics and asked us to prepare a speech on the same. Due to this my confidence level has increased to speak in English. After completing the batch, I have improved my vocabulary and can speak in English”

Elixir - Testimonial Apurva
Apurva Prasad Bartakke Lecturer, Pune

I wanted to fluent in English , so joined Elixir online classes. Everyday they used to take interactive activities which helped me a lot to improve my communication skill.
I am very thankful to this class.

Elixir - Testimonial Varun Chitale
Varun Chitale Pune

“I didn’t have confidence to talk in English with my colleagues, clients & Managers. Due to this Live online class, my confidence, vocabulary, grammar & overall communication has improved. Now, I communicate confidently with my friends & other people. I also practice daily. I have confidence that in future I will not get rejected by anyone due to lack of English communication. I did all these things because of my trainer’s guidance. Thanks a lot.”

Elixir - Testimonial Sharad
Sharad Bhanudas Chavan Asst. Q.A. Manager & Asst. M.R in Thane

“Problems I faced before the course - I was not confident about speaking English with anyone. If I spoke with people, they would laugh at me. After joined online Elixir class - Now I am very confident that, I can speak in English with anyone. Also, I have found, my fear has gone. That's the big achievement for me.
Result - After completing the class - I cracked the interview.”

Elixir - Testimonial Ashish
Ashish J. Ghodke Digital Marketer

“I was facing difficulties related to some grammar part. I joined Elixir’s Live online class. Our trainer gave us topics and told us to prepare speech on that, due to this my confidence level has increased to speak English. After completing the batch, I have improved my vocabulary. I also learnt to use phrasal verbs in the sentences. After attending the online class, I try to use English language in my everyday life.
Thank you, Elixir and respected teachers.”

Elixir - Testimonial Tejaswini
Tejaswini Maskare Student, Tal. Junnar, Dist. Pune

“Before joining Elixir’s Live online class, I didn’t know grammar & I did not have confidence to talk in front of others in my office.
On social media I came to know about Elixir live online classes. In the class, gradually my confidence, vocabulary, grammar and overall communication improved.
Now I communicate in English with my office mates and my friends as well. Now I have developed interest and I practice daily. Thanks to my trainer.”

Elixir - Testimonial Dhananjay
Dhananjay Shewale Quality manager in an MNC

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